Rocking and spinning fun

The matching challenge for every age group

Rocking and spinning plates

Sitting, standing, rocking, turning – these new types of rocking and spinning plates combine two kinds of play (rocking/spinning) in a single device. Individually or as an ensemble –this unit will use every last free bit of space on the playground. The rocking and spinning plates in their timeless designs, with different diameters and various colour options offer enormous playing value and optimally complement the appearance of any playground with their simple and timeless look. Everyone can choose for themselves here whether they want to actively rock or just gently spin. Not only children, but also adolescents and even adults will enjoy trying out the various plates and train their sense of balance, posture, and coordination in the process.

Product features

  • Age recommendation: 3 years and up
  • Available in different colours and sizes
  • Ideal for making use of every last bit of free space on the playground
  • Exciting for all ages: Children (day-care facilities, schools, public playgrounds), adolescents, adults, and the elderly (urban squares, parks)

Exceptional movement of the spinning and rocking plates

Rocking animals Gustav, Gunnar, and Otto

These three rocking animals not only add a certain playfulness, but in particular plenty of momentum to the playground! Individually, paired, or as an ensemble – children can control the speed on their own and enjoy the exciting tingling in their tummies while rocking.
Rocking trains the children’s sense of balance and spatial perception while providing a positive body feeling.
Over hill and dale: Gustav, Gunnar, and Otto have been deliberately modelled on native animals that live in children’s imaginations and are easily recognisable to them. Their subtle colours blend harmoniously into any playground and the friendly design encourages the children’s creativity. The strongly curved horns of the different rams look impressive and ensure optimal support when gripped while rocking intensely. Watch out, however: These three friends are nimble climbers and can skilfully jump from rock to rock!

Product features

  • Age recommendation: 2 years and up
  • Comfortable seat and secure hold, footrest modelled on ergonomic standards
  • Promoting balance, motor skills, and spatial perception

Billy goat Gunnar

Colour: Brown

Ibex Gustav

Colour: Grey

Ram Otto

Colour: Beige

Premium see-saw

Close your eyes and take off
Once the premium see-saw has been set in motion, the rest of the ride will happen all on its own. This dynamic playground equipment can glide gently or drift up a bit more briskly. It can be quite a thrill for two to four children! See-saws provide some adventure playground equipment that requires joint effort: Teaming up with friends to set a see-saw into motion can give children a great sense of achievement.

New product design – witty & modern
Our premium see-saw has been fundamentally revised to correspond to our unique product design with the loving Westfalia appliques.
Is it a monitor lizard? Is it a super dragon? The two sides of the see-saw express different moods and stimulate the children’s imagination.
Its natural colours make the see-saw blend harmoniously into any environment and provide carefree fun for young and old alike.

      Product features

      • Age recommendation: 5 years and up
      • Comfortable seat and secure hold
      • Available as a two- or four-seater
      • Design: funny motifs create a good mood
      • Ideal for public playgrounds and schools
      • Promoting coordination, balance, communication, and a sense of joint achievement

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