Trafficcs petrol station

Fuelling up like an adult

Hoot, hoot – all aboard!

This petrol station is very busy. Whether two, three, or four wheels: any kind of vehicle can be fuelled up here. Four vehicles can try to fuel up the fastest on these three animal-design dispensers and an electric charging station.
A flat tyre? Not a problem at all! The rear has an extraordinary car workshop with spinning elements waiting for the kids. Young mechanics will complete their work here in the blink of an eye.
The product design is based on actual petrol stations and garages. After all, children love slipping into different roles.

The following product features are indicative for the product:

  • Age group: 3 years and up
  • Playing function on both sides: Plenty of options on little space!
  • Suitable for various vehicles, e.g., sliding cars, bicycles, tricycles
  • Stimulating imagination and roleplay
  • Promoting motor skills, interaction, social behaviour, and spatial imagination

Manifold game functions

Drawer elements, tools, and cogwheels – vehicles of all sizes can be spruced up quickly at this workbench.

Starflower gears

Who can turn all the starflowers at the same time? Safe and without any jams – since these gears are only lightly serrated and have movable bearings. Children can discover simple, mechanical connections in a playful manner here.

Peepholes or workshop rubbish?

Children love re-enacting things, collecting sticks and leaves, and using them for free play. What they make of it is up to them. In any case, this petrol station is very easy to clean through the lower opening.

Wall box charging option

Ready for the future: An e-charging station is, of course, required to supplement the three animal-themed fuelling points. Young racers can be up to date and charge up with natural electricity at this wall box. Bicycles, sliding cars, and scooters will go even faster this way!

Filling up, charging, parking


Refuelling on petrol pump Henni, Tiger Lio, or snail Donna – There are various options for refuelling a vehicle with top-quality fuel. The shapes and sizes of the petrol pumps are deliberately close to the originals. The hoses can be pulled out and will slide back on their own.

Racing maze

Where is the wild race going? These brightly coloured cars are humming through the labyrinth. Looking closely, you will be able to discover the frog faces. This playing area fosters cooperation: Young drivers will playfully learn to give way and show consideration in order to reach their destinations.

Hypnosis wheel

What happens if I turn this?! Just like at the real dispenser, the hypnosis wheel will imitate the visual pulsating movement of the “bubble-free refuelling whirl wheel”.

Flip reversible appliques

Is it a car? Is it a frog? Doing a half-turn here slowly will not only let you discover a new picture, but also set a hidden ball track in motion that will reward you with a ringing sound.


Trafficcs petrol station – slim

Tight budget, little space?

The Trafficcs petrol station is also available in a slim version. The petrol station slim version offers equally great playing opportunities and can be used by several children at the same time.

  • Henni, Lio, and Donna add three animal-themed dispensers to choose from.
  • The hoses can be pulled out and will slide back on their own.
  • Keeping up with current developments, children can charge their vehicles at the e-charging point at the slim filling station as well.

Free-standing Trafficcs traffic light

Lotti is keeping traffic under control

The ideal supplement to the vehicle route: The free-standing traffic light of the car wash with tilting function and colour change is now also available as a stand-alone unit.

  • By pushing the cat from left to right, children can switch the traffic light from red to green.
  • Stopover for long vehicle sections in day-cares & co
  • Can be used as a learning course in school lessons
  • Playful mediation of the most important traffic rules in road traffic
  • Ideally supplements the Trafficcs petrol station and Trafficcs car wash

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