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"Balance” low ropes course

A wobbly business: balance, caution and serenity even in difficult situations – you need to keep a clear head for this. But watch out: pride comes before a fall...

Single Elements of the "Balance” low ropes course

"Balance” low ropes course

Winged swing

The smooth ride

The smooth ride: flying high and zooming forwards – with your help and the help of your wings, you’ll discover an entirely new swing feeling! The result:

you can soar seven metres with just two metres of chain! Do you think we're taking you for a ride? Just try it out!


Sometimes it’s only belief in yourself that can help you overcome an obstacle. Running, jumping, clambering, climbing:
these new pieces of equipment become your personal challenge.



Parcours "Jumper"

Take a leap into the world of parcours: you need agile feet! Even press-ups and sit-ups can cause you to sweat.

Parcours "Netrunner"

Forwards, backwards, sideways: this trains your running technique, coordination and stamina. A hopping course with obstacles – this simple exercise will really train your legs.

"Funky Monkey” parcours

A challenge for fitness enthusiasts: can you swing the metal loop over all of the waves? To succeed you need coordination, dexterity, grip and a great deal of strength in your arms.

“Jungle” sand fun

Fits in every sand pit and every budget

Lots of fun, very little space: the jungle-look sand fun is very easy to build and can even be installed without any concrete.

Play at a high level, with Joe, Alfred & Co.!

"Starfish” baking table

With a maritime look

Makes the sand pit into the beach! This baking table will remind kids of the sea. If you feel the edges, you’ll even find waves.

You can let the sand ripple downwards through the holes. Each child has their own space between the arms of the starfish, and they can also have a wonderful time baking together.