Novelties and product highlights

Playground toys with recycled plastic

Trafficcs petrol station

This petrol station is very busy. Whether two, three, or four wheels: any kind of vehicle can be fuelled up here. Four vehicles can try to fuel up the fastest on these three animal-design dispensers and an electric charging station.
The rear has an extraordinary car workshop with spinning elements waiting for the kids. Young mechanics will complete their work here in the blink of an eye.
The product design is based on actual petrol stations and garages. After all, children love slipping into different roles.


Trafficcs car wash

The tried and tested construction of our car wash climbing house offers the best basis for an extensive washing programme as well as a variety of climbing and playing options.
Our car wash fits perfectly into the new Trafficcs vehicle play world by Westfalia.
The product design is based on actual car washes. After all, children love slipping into different roles. Abiding by rules, contributing ideas and meeting others – roleplaying games clearly promote children’s social skills and self-confidence, and incidentally entice them to exercise. So, climb up to the top and enjoy the view from there!


Premium see-saw

This dynamic playground equipment can glide gently or drift up a bit more briskly. It can be quite a thrill for two to four children! See-saws provide some adventure playground equipment that requires joint effort: Teaming up with friends to set a see-saw into motion can give children a great sense of achievement.

Our premium see-saw has been fundamentally revised to correspond to our unique product design with the loving Westfalia appliques. Is it a monitor lizard? Is it a super dragon? The two sides of the see-saw express different moods and stimulate the children’s imagination. Its natural colours make the see-saw blend harmoniously into any environment and provide carefree fun for young and old alike.

Tower systems ARTisticcs

Open construction, artistic lightness, creative freedom – playing in a different ART. This is the best way to describe our ARTisticcs series, because these tower systems clearly focus on the individual imagination of the viewer. Novel perspectives and versatile motifs encourage young and old to slip into completely new roles.


Climbing sculptures

Great climbing fun in a small space.The new climbing sculptures Charly, Luna, Tharek are visible from afar and bring colour to even the smallest play area. Anyone who climbs to the top will be rewarded with a magnificent view. Sophisticated mechanics provide surprise effects: Moving elements like rotating eyes change the expression of the characters.

Separately or as a trio at a discounted set price.


Climbing crown | The royal way of climbing

The climbing crown beckons upwards with its unusual light and dynamic shape. It offers maximal playing value on a small footprint. The climbing crown is open on all sides, ensuring unimpaired flow in the game. Many different paths to climb up and down create challenges for beginners and little pros alike. The exciting material mixture of stainless steel, ropes, and recycled plastics makes the climbing experience particularly diverse.


Balancing rocker Groovie | Balancing equipment

Balance and teamwork are required! The unique construction of the “Groovie” allows a combination of balancing, rocking, and tilting, while offering space for many children and adults to play together. No matter if playing in twos, fives, or tens – the “Groovie” is perfect for creative group games children come up with, and for grooving together. It’s a veritable playground magnet! 


Motor-skills soloists | Three walls, six options

Starflowers, snake, or the brothers bear — with their curved shapes, the motor-skills soloists appear elegant from any direction, and serve as eye-catchers both individually and as an ensemble. Playing functions from either side ensure double playing fun. Children can playfully discover cause and effect: Do all the starflowers spin at the same time? What will opposing movements do? There is a lot to touch, hear, and discover here! 


Sweety | U3-series Westolino

What is rustling in the grass, what is buzzing in the air? Our new Westolino –Sweety– series comes in muted, warm colours with enchanting highlights, such as owl eyes squinting out from under the roofs and traces left by little mice. There are plenty of surprising details to discover here.
It’s a great adventure for the very young! 


Wing swing | The smooth ride

The smooth ride: flying high and zooming forwards – with your help and the help of your wings, you’ll discover an entirely new swing feeling!
The result: you can soar seven metres with just two metres of chain! Do you think we're taking you for a ride? Just try it out!


Jungle sand fun | Fits in every sand pit and every budget

Lots of fun, very little space: the jungle-look sand fun is very easy to build and can even be installed without any concrete. Play at a high level, with Joe, Alfred & Co.!