Solid Advantages


Eco Friendly Playground Equipment & its Advantages

Our unique selling point: recycled plastic

In short: From the yogurt cup to a swing.
But there is a lot more behind this unique material. The raw material for Westfalia Spielgeräte equipment is the content of plastic trash. From yoghurt cups, chips bags and the likes new ideas arise. This protects the resources, the cutting down of the forests is counteracted and the plastic waste is put to meaningful use. The result is an end-product with absolute fun factor.

The material combines fun, sustainability and economy - this perfect combination stands for the Brand Westfalia. Convince yourself!
Recycling plastics is not only positive for the environment by reducing demand on resources but has unmatched qualities in these areas:

Conserves resources Durable & economical Protects people & nature For children’s safety
Recyclables from household waste Low maintenance No PVC Shatter-proof
Reduced landfill Weather-proof No sealants Won’t crack
No forest clearing Vandal-proof Non-toxic Solid & stabile
Harmless to soil & groundwater (German standard DIN EN 71-3) Colourfast and UV-stable Even food safe (German standard DIN EN 71-3) Anti-slip
  Easy to clean    
  Resistant to saltwater etc    

Playful development

for happy children

The “Blue Angel Check”

The Blue Angel Check, informs end users about the environmental and customer advantages of the product, based on three important factors:

  • Eco-friendliness through use of recycled plastic
  • Exclusion of hazardous substances
  • Sustainable consumption through conservation of resources