Trafficcs car wash

Great washing fun for young super racers

If you love your vehicle, you also want to take good care of it – this is no different for the smaller racing cars.
The tried and tested construction of our car wash climbing house offers the best basis for an extensive washing programme as well as a variety of climbing and playing options.

Our car wash fits perfectly into the new Trafficcs vehicle play world by Westfalia. The product design is based on actual car washes. After all, children love slipping into different roles. Abiding by rules, contributing ideas and meeting others – roleplaying games clearly promote children’s social skills and self-confidence, and incidentally entice them to exercise. So, climb up to the top and enjoy the view from there!

Product features:

  • Age group: 3 years and up
  • Playing function on both sides: Plenty of options on little space!
  • Suitable for various vehicles, e.g., sliding cars, bicycles, tricycles
  • Stimulating imagination, roleplay, and motion
  • Promoting motor skills, interaction, social behaviour, and spatial imagination

Fun with a variety of playing options

Whether with or without a vehicle – this car wash offers lots of ideas for imaginative roleplaying with its sales counter, seating area, and exciting stairs. The seating area becomes a cosy place to play and rest, while the roof top affords an enjoyable view from a lofty height.

The climbable play house has many stairs to climb. It holds the right challenge for every stage of development and convinces with cool, modern colours, and exciting details: The dripping tap, foamy water, and the funny dragonfly will surprise children in this game.

Exciting details maximise playing fun

Dripping water

Oh no! The tap is dripping! Luckily, dragonfly Lilly has brought her umbrella. Children love to include such details in their daily play.


Next, please!

Lotti reliably takes care of access control. By pushing the curious cat from left to right, children can switch the traffic light from red to green.

Super hoover

This snorkeller can be anything, from high-pressure cleaner to super hoover. Just take it out of its bracket and get going!

Up to the top

The three-dimensional, blue gripping rails offer the best hold even for little climbers. The round roof ridge is a great place to linger.

Look there!

Someone afraid of getting wet is hiding well from the foam in this tyre. Close your eyes and give it a try!


Spick and span

Flexible curtains mimic brushes and dryer sheets, giving kids a tactile experience as they ride through.

Free-standing Trafficcs traffic light

Lotti is keeping traffic under control

The ideal supplement to the vehicle route: The free-standing traffic light of the car wash with tilting function and colour change is now also available as a stand-alone unit.

  • By pushing the cat from left to right, children can switch the traffic light from red to green.
  • Stopover for long vehicle sections in day-cares & co
  • Can be used as a learning course in school lessons
  • Playful mediation of the most important traffic rules in road traffic
  • Ideally supplements the Trafficcs petrol station and Trafficcs car wash

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