Tower system

This playground is all over the place, with no two play towers alike. The ARTisticcs with its spectacular design is beckoning to be explored even from afar. Innovative climbs up and down ensure maximal joy in movement. Lovingly designed motives give life to the playing elements and create space for child-appropriate creative play. The ARTisticcs-series is the perfect combination of playing value, functionality, design, and material.


  • High playing value
  • Open build
  • Spectacular roofs
  • Demanding design
  • Recycled plastic
  • Quality from Germany

Spectacular roofs

The most striking feature of the new product series are the impressive roofs that cap the play towers.
In contrast to the classical roof shapes, the ARTisticcs stands out with its open, light-permeable architecture that lets in the sky. This ensures a great feeling of space and
takes children along on exciting adventures in airy heights.


Dome roof "Orient"
Softly swinging and rotating shapes have a vivid effect and create a dynamic atmosphere. This creates an exciting play of light and shadow.

Arched roof "Flying animal"
Who is perched on this play tower? The flying animal is spanning the play tower like a sheltering sail.

Spiral roof "Fantasy"
Rotating elements are crowning the play tower, creating a different depending on perspective. Smiling animals welcome playground visitors of all age groups.

Playing in a different way

Ramp "Lino"

Monitor lizard "Lino" is present twice – does he want to go up or down? The convex-concave shapes make the climb particularly diverse. Lino is a helpful chap and actively integrated into the game: His strong back supports children as they climb up and down.

Balustrade "Juma"

More than just decoration: How many exotic animals can you find here? A lion? Or two toucans? Or might it be both? It's worth taking a closer look here, because it's often the small details that make the big difference.

Slide "Pepe"

Change of mood at a moment's notice: What are things looking like for dragon "Pepe" today? The slide surprises with moving details: Turning eyes create different moods.

Climbing rungs "Curtain"

A look behind the scenes is not all that easy in light of the constant movement around the curtain – who can pull more strongly? The stepping plates with gripping function promote
motor skills and body feel of the children.

Watch the video

Playground fun with ARTisticcs

Open construction, artistic lightness, creative freedom – playing in a different ART.
Novel perspectives and versatile motifs encourage young and old to slip into completely new roles.
Watch the video to get to know the new ARTisticcs adventures!

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